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Marco's Automotive Licensed Roadworthy Testers
for fast service and peace of mind,Marco's Automotive will conduct a thorough pre-purchase inspection carried out by qualified personnel.
What is a Roadworthy Inspection?
The Roadworthy Inspection is a check of the vehicle to ensure that all safety related components have not worn or deteriorated to the extent that the vehicle is unsafe for normal road use.
A Roadworthy Inspection only covers safety related and is not a check of the overall mechanical reliability or general condition of the vehicle. The RACV and VACC can inspect the vehicle's general condition.
Roadworthy certificates are only available from licensed vehicle testers
Do you have problem with the vehicle inspection or certificate
      *First check if the component is a Roadworthy Inspection Item
      *Contact the tester and explain your concerns
      *If you have not resolved the issue you can obtain an independent
       inspection from another licensed tester
      *If the independent inspection confirms your concerns then 
       contact Vic Roads