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picture of engine, pistons,valves etc

Specialising in

       * Engines

       * Clutches

       * Brakes

       * Tyres

       * Auto Electrical   

       * E.F.I Tuning and repairs

       * Fleet Services 

       * Roadworthy Testing and  Repairs

If your car knocks and hesitates,has poor acceleration,lacks power or idles rough, you may need your engine cleaned by Marco's Automotive Carbon Clean Service.

Carbon Cleaning unclogs dirty injectors,cleans and lubricates your intake system, and removes intake valve and combustion chamber deposits. This means that your vehicle will be running smoother, have better performance and fuel economy, restored power and reduced exhaust emissions.

A Fouled injector system usually results in:

    * Poor fuel consumption

    * Poor starting and rough idling

    * Engine stalling and hesitation